Leak Detection and Repair

Leak detection has always been one of the more intricate plumbing services because it is so difficult to accurately find hidden leaks.



We use the right tools to accurately pinpoint any leak within a plumbing system. Each tool we use has a specific purpose for which it is best suited. Leak detection is no longer an art but a process of elimination.  Our handpicked, experienced, and well respected plumbers all go through extensive training and have years of knowledge behind them.

Our leak detection process includes:

  • Visual Inspection - With our specialized training and years of experience, a simple walk through inspection of the property allows us to identify most or all of the plumbing problems. The visual inspection often tells us how best to proceed.
  • Pressure Testing - Is the water pressure too high or too low? This tells us if there is a leak within the pressurized system and if it is the hot or cold side of the system.
  • Moisture Probing and Sensors - Informs us if moisture is present in places it shouldn't be and how much moisture is present. This often helps us to determine its source.
  • Fibre Optic Bore Scope - Provides a visual inspection within the walls and between floors without cutting or drilling holes.
  • Thermal Laser - Measures heat through concrete slabs or other surfaces.
  • Thermal Camera - Gives a good visual inspection without having to open walls.
  • Pinpoint Audio Location
  • Electronic Pipe Location

While other plumbing companies are still cutting holes in the walls or tearing up the floor to figure out what the problem might be, we will have accurately located any plumbing failure imagineable without ever cutting or drilling a hole.

So when you suspect a leak at your house, call us - we're the local experts on the matter!